Rambling on a Monday

Have you ever noticed that Mondays are one of those days that you wish could be avoided? I do all of the time. (well at least weekly) Everyone seems to be in an off mood? I know that on Mondays I am particularly crabby. I think it is because my husband is going back to work, and I am going to be alone etc. But that may just be me feeling needy, which I am sure is the case.

Wow I feel like I am going to be so busy the next few weeks I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. My three year old is starting pre-school on the 5th. I am so excited for him but then again I want to know where the time all went. Alex is my baby how can he be starting school? Very depressing. I suppose that it is only 2 days a week and only from 9:15 – 11:45 am. I am sure that some of you are wondering how I managed to get him in to school in the middle of the school year. Well he is going to a “special” program designed to help children with learning disabilities. My son was recently “diagnosed” mild to moderately Autistic. This is something that I have known for quite sometime but was unable to get help with because the Dr office refused to get me a referral for the testing. That was a fight and a half for almost 2 years. But now he is going to get the help that we both need and I think that it will be a really positive situation for him.

My baby shower is set to be on the 8th of March. I think that my mom is cutting it alittle close. I am due on the 29th but they are not going to let me go past the 22nd ish. I am also getting the information from the Dr that they are not positive I am going make it that far even. I am getting there. My body seems to be progressing in dilation and effacement, so here’s hoping that I don’t have the baby at the shower.

Being this pregnant is absolutely no fun. I just wish that it was over. However I am still afraid that I am not going to be prepared for her arrival. We still have not gotten our bassinet, swing, breast pump etc., yet and we won’t be able to for another three or four days. I am really excited about the bassinet and swing that we picked out for her. Yes, I do mean we. My husband Shaun and I spend all of Saturday looking for ones that we liked and even managed to agree on them.


We found it at target it is really neat. It has an a/c adapter and it glides side to side or back and fourth just like she would be in the womb. It plays songs and the feature that my husband was drooling over was that it has an MP3 player attachment. How cool is that? Can’t you just see a little tiny baby rocking out to Disturbed? No??? Don’t worry me either. But the hubby thought that it was just too cool. (What more can I expect from my nerd though? )

The other thing that I found at Target was the bassinet. It looks like an old time cradle. Shaun and I both really liked it.


This is not the exact one that we saw because the bedding was a more neutral color and the wood was very dark. It was very pretty.

Well I am going to go and spend some time with the hubby he is home from work early. Have a good one.

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I haven’t posted in a while so here goes

I just realized that I have not posted anything in a while. I just have felt like crap, this pregnancy is taking it’s toll on me physically and mentally.

Physically I just feel so run down, to the point of all I want to do is sleep the days away. I feel like I could sleep all day and all night and then some. I am not sure if it is just that I am due in a couple of weeks or maybe I am just getting rundown. I wish that I could just feel great and be about to have a baby. But I think that is just too much to ask some days.

Mentally I am crying all of the time, having nightmares, I can barely watch a movie with out bursting into tears for some reason. Like for example the movie “Knocked Up” I heard that it was really funny and cute etc. But the only thing that I could think was omg how scary! Watching her go into labor, be alone, break up with her baby daddy, it totally freaked me out. I kept my hubby up all night talking about my insecurities and fears all that good stuff. The next night we tried to watch “Shootem’ Up” because my husband likes all of the different guns etc and my mom said it was a good movie. Lets just say that we made it about 20 min into it and it was a big big mistake at least for me.

I have a Dr. appt tomorrow and I am kind of excited. (My Dr. office called and formally apologized for the Dr that told me to get fixed, and they told me that I didn’t have to see him again.) I am going weekly now to monitor everything. Last Wednesday when I went I was told that I am dilated to about 2 cm. I know what that means!!! Not too much longer. Yay!! I am so excited to see her and hold her in my arms instead of my belly. Don’t get me wrong I am nervous about having another baby to take care of, but I am still really excited.

Well I am still having really bad contractions so I think I am going to go and soak in the tub then hopefully fall asleep for a bit. Have a good one.

Happy Valentines Day

Well all, Happy Valentines Day. Yeah that is about all I’ve got. This is not one of those holidays that I get all excited and fanatical about like some people. Partially because I just don’t get it. My husband and I celebrate our love for each other every day not just on one day a year. I think that this holiday is more for couples that are dating etc and still have something to prove to one another. But after 3 kids and hectic lives I think that we are doing good just not to hate each other, and still be as in or more in love than we were when we married. Shaun says I am a cynic. I don’t know maybe I am on some level.

I do however know that there are going to be so many couples that celebrate it and some individuals that wish that they were. So to all of you I wish you a wonderful day and even a Happy Valentines Day.

Dr Appointment Today

Why is it what whenever I have a Dr appointment it seems like it is the day that they are running way behind? I sat in the exam room half naked for almost 2 hours waiting for the Dr. The waiting wasn’t the hard part, I had Alex with me. Can you imagine sitting in a room that is TINY with a 3 year old that has absolutely nothing to do? It was awful. I must admit that he was so good in there though. I didn’t have hardly any problems except that he wanted to open the door and / or turn off the light. Oh well I survived. 🙂

The good news about the appointment is that I am dilated to about 2 cm!!! I am excited and ready to be done. It has been decided that I am going to be seeing the Dr. once a week for the remainder of my pregnancy. That and I do not have to see the jerk doctor that told me to get sterilized. (I am still kinda mad about that)

Well I am really tired so I think that I am going to head for bed. The kids went down at 8 and it is already after 9:30 so it is time for me to get some sleep. Have a good night.

Buying in bulk

My husband thought that he would look up buying some diapers in bulk for the new baby. So that we were not always at the store. He went to several different sites and then ended up at Amazon.com. I am glad that he took a screen shot of it, so here is the ad.


You should take a look. I think that he is discouraged now about buying things like that online and in bulk.