Life is crazy after having a baby.

I realize that it probably seems as though I have abandoned my blog, and I guess I sort of did. But I don’t think that it was on purpose though. My life just has been insane since the birth of Brinley. I am not sleeping, and I just feel miserable most of the time. It sucks……..

However I have lost 40 of the 70 pounds that I gained during the pregnancy. Also I have decided to join a gym. I love it. I feel like I have a place to go when I am in need of an escape. It is not as expensive as I thought that it was going to be, and I have a personal trainer. His name is Matt and by the time that I am done with my workout I almost hate him. I am so sore and miserable when I am done but I don’t feel as depressed.

I have been suffering from the post-partumĀ  depression bad after this baby. I am not too sure what is so different about this baby, but I just feel so fat and depressed all of the time. I don’t want to do anything or go anywhere, if I could I would just sit here and never move again. But since I have joined the gym I feel much better. I have lost 1 inch total on my thighs in just about a week. I was so excited when I discovered that this morning.

Have you ever noticed that after you add a little person to the family, there are members of your family and friends that you have not spoken to in forever that want to be instantly involved in EVERY aspect of your life? I have and I don’t really care for it. People just can’t seem to leave well enough alone and they forget that this is not my first child, so they think that I need all of this unsolicited advice. It is getting quite old, but oh well I suppose it is just because they care.

Well I am being paged by baby Brinley so have a good one and I promise that I will be better about blogging.