I think that I have decided….

I have been really torn about what I want to do with my life. I know that raising a family is important but it is just not completely satisfying for me. Don’t get me wrong I love my children and my husband and definately enjoy spending as much time with them as I possibly can. But I always feel that I need something that I can do for me. I don’t however mean like going to the spa or being alone for any length of time, I mean more like a career. Something that I am good at. I think that I want to be a photographer. I took some photo’s while we were out at the pond last night. Here they are and let me know what you think. I really really want your opinions.

I am really in to it. Wow but I was checking out prices of good cameras and they are super spendy. Oh well I suppose that I can use my father in law’s till I can afford to get one of my own. (If ) I can afford to get one of my own that is.

Workplace abuse

Should we have to take workplace abuse from our boss? I know that the obvious answer is “NO” but what if you have a family that won’t make it if you are not working? It is such a cloudy issue for me. I have been in abusive relationships before and I know what the signs are.

My boss however has become very abusive towards me in the last week or so. He makes me cry almost on a daily basis at least once. Then Monday evening he called me screaming and cursing me out about absolutely nothing that makes sense. He says that he is just stressed and fighting with his wife. (We would be fighting too if my hubby spoke like that to me)

I don’t really know what to do. I can’t quit my family won’t survive if I do but I guess in the mean time I am just looking for something else. Any suggestions??? I guess my point it that he does not pay me enough to deal with his crap.

For example about a week and a half ago he dumped a garbage bag full of receipts and things on my desk and told me to do last years taxes. Nice to know that they were filed on time. I have never done taxes for a corporation before and I am just expected to get them done by the end of the day? He has absolutely unreal expectations. For instance… I had to install and input data from the last 6 months of work into Quickbooks. 6 MONTHS worth and he expected me to have zero questions about what he spent and what on, and to get it done in a matter of hours. Well it took me longer than he thought that it should and he was screaming and yelling then too. Isn’t he lovely.

Well I guess that is enough about that subject I just don’t understand why I end up with such creeps for employers.

Have a good night my hubby and I are going to take the kids to the pond to fish and feed the geese and ducks. My father-in-law wants us to go with him. Could be interesting……… I will let you know how it goes when we get back. I am nervous…….

Going back to school

I have decided that I really want to go back to school. Granted I am not sure of what I really want to do but I know that I need to. I feel really dumb…. All of my friends from high school are graduating college and I am not doing anything with my life so it feels. I know that being a mom etc is doing something with my life but I just wish that I had a career.

Oh well I guess I am just whining.

Mozilla Firefox 3 Release

My husband and I were talking about firefox 3 today. I think that it is really neat. I have yet to download it on to my laptop but I think that I will be soon. Shaun said that the Mozilla servers crashed about 5 min to 10am this morning because so many people are downloading the new version. I must say that I love Firefox over Internet Explorer. Firefox just seems so much safer to me. Here is a screen shot of how many people have downloaded the new version right now.

That is how many people had downloaded at the moment since this morning from all over the world. That number is going up by atleast a hundred every couple of seconds.

This is how many people in the United States have uploaded so far to this point.

That is alot, basically that means that we as a country have done at least 1/3 of the downloads. Kinda neat.