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I am starting to work on another blog for the kids school and our box-top ventures!! Its kind of exciting but also kind of well, irritating to get started.  I love my blog and blogging but making another one is proving difficult. I have had this one for such a long time and only have to make minor tweaks now and again. Starting from scratch is kind of a pain.

Kyron Horman

I am sitting here watching Dr. Phil from yesterday and I am thinking about this poor family. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like if this was my family. It does hit close to home as it happened just up the freeway from us.

Three years ago on June 4th this sweet little 7 year old went missing. I firmly believe that his step mom had something to do with it, But there isn’t enough evidence to do anything with her that hasn’t already been done. This little boy went missing from Portland, Oregon at his elementary school.

His poor family is in such turmoil about this missing child. I know that most Oregonians have heard this story before. However I think its important that we keep the conversation going.  Where did Kyron go? Did his step mother hurt him? She wrote tons of emails that she disliked and even hated Kyron. It seems like it is a distinct possibility she hurt him.

There is just so much wrong in this situation. I can only hope that this child is brought home in one way or another. WE NEED TO FIND THIS CHILD!!!

If you have any information please call  (503)261-2847

You can find more information about Kyron and his family and the search at

Things to think about…..

So as I sit here this morning, I have a lot of things weighing heavily on my mind.

My youngest child is having some pretty severe anxiety issues. She has wet her pants once in school and once this morning on the couch. I feel really for her. I think that she is super stressed with school, and her sister going back to stay with her mom. She stayed with us for the summer, and then she went to her moms house for the school year. She comes to visit every other weekend and we see her during the week but it has been really hard for little Miss Brinley. She is so sensitive to Caitlin coming and going. Then skipping a grade and being behind quite a bit and trying to catch up with everything. I think that its harder for me than her almost. Not to diminish what she is going thru because it is really hard on her. I just want her to be okay. I feel like I am sitting here worrying about if she is going to be okay emotionally, and oh so many other scenarios that are playing over in my head. I am so sad for her. She also has anxiety medications but they put her to sleep. I am at kind of a loss because I don’t want her to fall asleep in class so I cut one into a 1/4 and tried that this morning to see if that helps her in school today. I just want her to succeed so bad. I don’t care what she does I just want her to succeed at it.

My oldest is having some emotional distress issues regarding to his ASD and we are going to counselling appointments. Things are crazy. His medications are being changed and he I hope will be on a better path do manage his anger and frustration. So that Brinley and Alex can have as good of a relationship as siblings as Brinley and Caitlin. Alex wants to be close to his sisters and Brinley wants to be close to her brother, but I feel like until we get Alex’s emotions a little more under control.

I am just so sad for my children because I want them to be happy and successful in life. I feel like I don’t quite know how to help them completely. I am doing everything that I can, physically, and emotionally to help them as much as possible.


Why can’t this be simpler? I want to make sure that she is happy and healthy. Sending her back to Kinder is an option but how do I do that without hurting her even more? I don’t know what to do. I feel kinda sick about the entire thing. She knows that she is a 1st grader and then to take that away from her seems cruel. But is leaving her in 1st grade where she isn’t doing very well (because of anxiety) just as bad? I am afraid that we will have the same issues next year as well, just because she is such a mama’s girl. I think some of it may also be just separation anxiety I know that I am feeling it and I can tell that she is too.

Loose teeth!

I ment to upload these pics from the other day. But Brinley lost her first teeth the other day. Well September 10th to be precise. We were sitting and watching a movie when she said “Mom my teeth feel funny when I touch them with my tongue, see?” Well as she went to show me both bottom teeth fell out and she started freaking out because there was a little bit of blood.

Thankfully Alex was sitting there with me and he bailed to go get some paper towels for her to chomp down on. It didn’t take long and she was feeling much better going up to tell dad allllll about it. She was quite put out over the whole situation.

Suddenly tho she remembered about the Tooth Fairy. That helped for sure. She has two other loose teeth as well. The top two are going to go at anytime. Poor kids isn’t going to have any teeth. Oh well, its part of being 5 and a rite of passage. 🙂



Toby, the big hit of Elementary School

Toby and Brinley have been walking to school every morning and then we walk to pick her up in the afternoon.

Toby is such a sweet and loving dog that all the kids want to pet him. He loves the attention. However when Brinley goes to her class he gets a little upset because she is leaving with out us. I don’t blame him I feel that way too. She turns and gives a quick wave and then she is gone in the sea of children. It is a bitter sweet moment every single day.

In the afternoon Toby sits and waits patiently for his kid to come out of school, thankfully she is one of the first out as she is a first grader. Once they see each other it is so sweet. He continues to sit there patiently until she has said her good byes to her friends and her teacher. Then we walk the half mile home.

This morning tho I was really impressed. Toby was sitting and awaiting while the kids took turns to pet him. Like always just sitting there and soaking up the attention from kids (they are his favorite). Today I was more impressed with the children. They all took turns as to not overwhelm Toby and three of the children remembered that he would be there and brought him dog treats. I couldn’t believe that this early into the year that Toby would be so important to the kids at the school. They each ask if he will be there in the afternoon. I can generally with out fail tell them that he will be there.

This morning Toby was recognized by the principal and given some petting. Then he looked at Toby and told him to keep up the good work. I am glad that our family dog can bring some joy to the other students at the elementary school. His walking to school is doing more than just exercise as we walk a total of a mile back and forth twice a day. So we are getting our 2 mile walk in (which exhausts him and me) But he is also making kids smile which is a great feeling.

Here is a pic taken this morning on the way to school.