Kyron Horman

I am sitting here watching Dr. Phil from yesterday and I am thinking about this poor family. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like if this was my family. It does hit close to home as it happened just up the freeway from us.

Three years ago on June 4th this sweet little 7 year old went missing. I firmly believe that his step mom had something to do with it, But there isn’t enough evidence to do anything with her that hasn’t already been done. This little boy went missing from Portland, Oregon at his elementary school.

His poor family is in such turmoil about this missing child. I know that most Oregonians have heard this story before. However I think its important that we keep the conversation going.  Where did Kyron go? Did his step mother hurt him? She wrote tons of emails that she disliked and even hated Kyron. It seems like it is a distinct possibility she hurt him.

There is just so much wrong in this situation. I can only hope that this child is brought home in one way or another. WE NEED TO FIND THIS CHILD!!!

If you have any information please call  (503)261-2847

You can find more information about Kyron and his family and the search at

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