World in Chaos

I have been watching the news for a very long time and I am very up-to-date on the affairs of the world. I am very sad to see the state of some of these countries.

I almost as an American cannot fathom what is going on with some of these international civil wars. Seeing some of the autocities that are going on overseas its hard to complain about anything going on here.

Things people complain about here are things such as,

  • The president not being an American -get over it already, I mean, we survived 8 years with Bush you will survive the last of Obama’s term.
  • Gun Rights – This is something that I am passionate about, I don’t think that the government is going to take away our guns or our gun rights so its time for people to move on. If you don’t like having to have a background check to buy a gun, then you probably don’t need one. I love and appreciate having our 2nd ammendment rights. We aren’t going to lose them.
  • Military Funding – yes we need to fund our military, simple as that. Lose the military, lose our rights. Lets not have to live thru the movie of Red Dawn.
  • Obamacare – woah, hey now, lets leave the millions of Americans uninsured because it makes some of the Tea-Party mad. Get over yourselves. Now I do think that there are things to be tweaked and fixed but fundamentally its a good idea.
  • Gay Marriage – Seriously? Why are we fighting about this? It is so stupid. Who CARES!!!! If you think that two people getting married is going to negatively affect you to the point that you think it should be banned? Maybe you are the problem, not them.

Here are things that the people across the world are complaining about and fighting for

  • Food
  • Access to the internet and information
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom to life
  • The ability to ELECT their government
  • Housing
  • Jobs that pay more than $5-10 a week

They are fighting for things that we take for granted. I know that our country isn’t perfect but there seems to be a serious disconnect between what we have and take for granted vrs what we really need and fundamentally deserve as human beings.

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