Sick kids suck!


Where to begin, I have a sick little one today. She began to cough yesterday morning and it didn’t seem like much but as the day progressed it got worse. It always gets worse doesn’t it? I mean come on. This poor little girl just got over having a pretty bad stint with Strep-Throat.

She missed school yesterday because she had a feverbug and was coughing. (I won’t send my kids to school with a fever because I am just not an asshole like that. I know plenty of parents that will send sick kids to school and it pisses me off because when my kids get sick they get REALLY sick. Ass-hat parents SMH ) By last night around 9 PM she was coughing so bad it sounded like croup. She was soooo miserable, (we were too) that my awesome hubs went and got her, put her in our bed and then slept on the couch so that she was able to get some good sleep and I would be there to help her.

My poor middle one has been sick for weeks with adenoid troubles, and her doctor says there is nothing wrong with them…….. UGH Seriously????? They are so swollen that she can hardly eat.

I really wish people would take as much care of their kids and not going out in public when ill, so that kids don’t get sick like this. I think the both got sick originally from an outing when we went grocery shopping.

I understand that people sometimes have to go out when ill, but there seems to be this reoccurring theme that coughing on people in public and going out sick is just plain normal. Well to those that do that, YOU ARE ASSHOLES!!!

Don’t be an asshole, if you’re sick stay home. Don’t go wondering around the grocery store, don’t go to church, don’t cough on people, don’t touch anything. In short, don’t be an asshole.


A sad day for the King Crab Fisherman.

I always thought that it would be a cold day in hell when Capt. Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie would pass away. But it looks as if that day has come to pass. At the age of 53 he passed away a few hours ago. Our sadness is very overwhelming at the moment, as well as out thoughts and prayers are with Phil’s family and crew.

I as well as most of my family are avid Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel watchers and have been watching since the very first season. There is something about watching people do the most dangerous job in the world every week, knowing that it is not scripted, and that it is fiercely competitive but never to the point that they are not friends or extended family anymore.

I am sure that it sound crazy to some people that you would grow to care and worry about people that you don’t even know that are just on some TV show. But these men (and wives) are more than that, they are just like some crazy family that you want to be a part of. Even when they are so angry that they can’t even be in the same room let alone want to. They are such an important part of life on the Bering Sea as well.

I just know that this is a dark evening in our household and that we wish the best for Jake, Josh and the rest of Phil’s family as well as the rest of the fleet there in Dutch Harbor. I just want to say to Jake and Josh that you are very good boys and that I am sure your father would want you to take care of the Cornelia Marie and the crew by being the best captains/brothers that you can be. Know that most of the world is thinking about you and is sending you all of their well wishes. I know that we are.


Well Brinley is having her ear surgery in the morning. I am alittle worried but I think that everything should go just fine. My husband is taking the day off to help me with her. Poor little girl I feel so bad for her.

It was kinda funny, this evening her anesthesiologist called me to talk to me about his part in the surgery, then the surgeon called, then the nurse called and then the receptionist called to tell me that they might be calling. I laughed and said that I had already spoken with them. I think that the receptionist was alittle behind or just didn’t get the memo.

Oh well I will let you know tomorrow sometime how it goes.