Sonic burgers

My husband finally got me to go with him to the new Sonic in town here. I really don’t like trying new foods there is just a certain amount of fear that I won’t like it and I just don’t really care for the change.  But this afternoon we took the kids to the park and decided that we would go there for some lunch.

I had a burger that was just to die for. The food was really good, at least what I ate. Our 4 year old ate his and didn’t complain or anything but on the way home he puked all over the third row in the van. What a wonderful smell he had discovered. It was foul I mean both of the girl in the row ahead of him were complaining.

I really liked Sonic but it doesn’t look like my son will be going back anytime soon.

Halloween 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love halloween!!!!! My son dressed up as the Hulk! and my daughter Brinley was a Penguin. She is only 7 months old so it was kind of a baby in a bag type thing but it was fun.

Here are some pics of us getting pumpkins at EZ Orchards pumpkin patch

We had alot of fun there and ended up with over 130 lbs. of Pumpkins between our family and my friend Lori and her daughter Ana. There was a petting zoo, pony rides, a corn maze and a hay ride. It was a good way to kill an afternoon.

I will have to get the pictures of the kids on their halloween costumes after while. Have a good one!!!!