Baby Teeth and the infamous cold that sticks around forever…

I have noticed that my youngest daughter is getting 7 teeth in all at once. Why do they have to hurt so bad? I just feel awful for her, four of them are her 2 year molars as well as her 3 of her incisors. One of the incisors has already come through but the other 7 are playing a painful game of peek a boo with her.

I don’t think that I would feel so badly for her except that it is virtually impossible to get medicine down this child. She vomits when you even come near her with the medicine, even baby Tylenol and Orajel. The last couple of nights have been almost pure hell because she is in pain and can’t sleep. Last night my poor husband and I were up until almost 4 am with her, taking turns holding and cuddling her. If you know my daughter you would know that she is probably one of the most anti-cuddling children that I have ever met. She is so independent and wants so badly to be grown. (Or at least bigger than she is) So yesterday we knew that it was getting pretty bad and she had to be absolutely miserable when she was sitting on my husbands lap and she fell asleep. We tried to put her in bed but she wasn’t having that so I took my turn to hold her and she fell asleep on me for a very short while. I think that I can recall the last time that happened and it was when she was in the hospital for several days, almost a year ago.

Poor baby.

Then to top it off our oldest child is very sick as well. The only upside to having Alex sick is that he can tell me what is wrong, where it hurts and if what I am doing is making a difference where as the baby cannot. So he I believe is coming down with a sinus infection because when I pressed on his sinuses he complained of pain. In addition to that he has congestion in his chest, a cough as well as a mild fever. So he is miserable as well but at least he will take his medicine with out too much of a complaint as long as he has something to wash it down. (preferably Apple Juice 🙂

I get so frustrated when my children are sick because I feel so helpless to fix what ails them. I am sure that most parents feel this way wishing that we had a magic wand that would make it all go away. Even if I had to deal with what they are going  through instead of them. Just something.  I am afraid that I am going to get what Alex has because when he is sick all he wants to do is sit with me and cuddle or hang all over me. I am not complaining about it I just wish that I wasn’t going to get it. It just seems like the kids get sick then me and lastly my husband, but then the kids get it again and the cycle just keeps on going. I feel like I am going to go crazy sometimes when we just pass an illness around and around and around, over and over again.

It is just hard sometimes because if the kids are sick even with a runny nose you are not supposed to send them to school which is fine for us because I am a stay at home parent. But then since some of the laws have changed in Oregon if your child misses more than one or two days of school ( I believe it could be more days than that) and you don’t bring in a Dr.’s note then they can call Child Services on you. I understand the purpose of the law but who takes their child to a Dr. every single time that they catch cold? I just feel that if your kid is sick then you have the right and responsibility to keep them home and seek medical attention if it gets worse, but for a stuffy nose and a light cough seems a bit over board. So what do you do? It feels like it is a catch 22, damned if you do but damned if you don’t.

Well the baby is quiet for the moment and Alex is I believe watching a movie in his room so this seems like the perfect opportunity for a little mommy time, so I am going to be headed for the shower and bed. I hope that you have a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow.

Preschool Graduation

My three year old just graduated from his first year in preschool. He will do two years because he is only three, and will not be four until October. I was so excited for him. He got a certifcate of graduation and a graduation cap and the whole nine yards. It was so darn cute.

If you have read or do ready my blog you will remember that my son is handicapped. Well he is Autistic so he has been in a class full of special children. There are children with downs, cerebral palsy, the works. They are just the sweetest bunch of little ones that I had ever seen. To see them light up with enthusiasm as they made their way across the little stage area to receive their diplomas was just awe inspiring. Then there are the families of the other children, that just make the whole scene. There is no discrimination against race, religion, sex or anything of the sort, just families that have to work at parenting just a little harder to ensure that our children receive the same opportunities as other kids.

I don’t have the pics from the ceremony yet because, like the genius that I am I grabbed the camera, extra batteries, the whole nine yards but I forgot the memory card. I felt like an idiot. That’s ok my mom got a ton of photos and she is supposed to be emailing them to me.

Brinley is growing so fast and so much it is almost overwhelming. I wish that she was just the tiny infant that she was about 12 weeks ago. I have pictures of her that I need to upload as well.

I think that she is going to have to get tubes in her ears like her father and sister. I am working on the 2nd ear infection in the last three weeks. I feel terrible. I wish that there was something that I could do for her other than what is feel is doping her up on Tylenol hoping that it takes some of the pain away while the antibiotics do their job. Well speaking of Brinley she is summoning me. Have a good one.

Induction Date Sunday March 23,2008

So I am having this baby on Sunday! Finally…. I went to the Doctor on Wednesday and I am dilated and effaced enough to induce. I am so excited!!!!! The main reason that we are inducing (other than I am miserable) is because I am showing signs of preeclampsia. The sudden severe swelling, migraines, raising blood pressure, loss of hearing and vision. It’s horrible, and it is painful to say the least because of the swelling.

So Sunday March 23rd, 2008, at 8 am I am going to be going to the hospital and being induced. I hope that all goes well, and I don’t have to have a c-section or anything like that. I was induced with my son and I almost had to have a c- section and I was so scared and delivered normally on the operating table. So I am a little nervous about the whole thing, but it is an excited nervous.

I know that my husband is quite nervous as well. But I think that is because he has been having dreams that I have died or there is something that has happened to the baby during delivery. I must admit I too have had these kinds of dreams but as far as I have heard they are normal. (I hope that they are)

So the day after I have the baby I am going into surgery to have my tubes tied. I have to go under with general anesthesia less than 24 hours after I have the baby. I don’t really know how to deal with that yet. I don’t think that anything is going to go bad because I trust the Doctors and Anesthesiologists to perform everything correctly, but there is always that chance. So that is a little nerve racking, but here’s hoping.

Just a bunch of things I am thinking about…

Here is a list of all the things I have been thinking about!!

  1. Well I am wondering when I am going to finally have this baby. I am so sick and tired of being in pain and not being able to do anything about it.  I think that my husband is getting tired of it as well. I swear it took me all day yesterday to get some dishes done. I didn’t have alot to do but it took all day. I could stand for 10 min or so then I had to go and sit down for a while.  Oh well 13 days until my induction date!!! I according to my doctor have been in labor for over a week, but my body keeps stressing and stalling out. But since I am ok and so is she they won’t do anything to help me. Yeah it sucks.
  2. My kids, What am I going to do with three? Why are we having a third? I don’t mean that I love any of them more than the others I am just stressing out about what I am going to do. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and the kids share a room. I know that we are going to have to move soon, I just don’t know where. I don’t think that we can afford a more expensive place, which sucks because for what we pay we aren’t going to be able to get a larger place. Oh well…. Not much I can do about it at the moment.
  3. Work, I start back to work on April 14th and my mom was supposed to be watching my kids. She said that she would and that we were just going to pay her. That was so easy.. Too easy. I got a call the other day from my mom saying that she was not going to watch them.  My step-dad doesn’t want the kids there when he gets home from work. He gets home at 4 ish and Shaun (my hubby) gets off work at 5pm so he would be there at about 5:15. That is just too much for my step-dad etc and he threw a fit. I am not too happy about that situation. I can find a place for my older children but Brinley is going to be just a couple of weeks old when I go back to work, and I don’t know of any daycare that takes children under 6 weeks old. Not thrilled with her at all….
  4. Baby Shower, My mom waited until the last minute to send out the invites to my baby shower so none of my friends attended. Well one did, Mechele and her kids, and that was really nice to see her. But even most of my family that she invited had made other plans my then. I was very put out by that. When I am saying last minute I don’t mean a couple of weeks before I mean she MAILED the invites out on the 3rd and my shower was just this last Saturday the 8th. Most told me that they didn’t even get them till the 5th and 6th. By then it was too late. Then there are other people that were invited that just plain ignored it. I was not thrilled. Then they even had the nerve to call and ask me for a ride somewhere before my shower. I was not so happy about that but I did it any ways.
  5. Friends, Have you ever had friends that just walk all over you all of the time? I swear most of my friends are that way. They do not call or seem to want to have anything to do with me unless they need something. It is frustrating and it hurts really bad. I am thinking of becoming a flake just so that I can fit in. I had not heard from several friends in weeks then they call because they need money etc. So tired of it.

Well I think that is just about enough belly aching for the moment.  It is just frustrating the way life plays out sometimes. Oh well have a good one, and I will yak at ya later.