Preschool Graduation

My three year old just graduated from his first year in preschool. He will do two years because he is only three, and will not be four until October. I was so excited for him. He got a certifcate of graduation and a graduation cap and the whole nine yards. It was so darn cute.

If you have read or do ready my blog you will remember that my son is handicapped. Well he is Autistic so he has been in a class full of special children. There are children with downs, cerebral palsy, the works. They are just the sweetest bunch of little ones that I had ever seen. To see them light up with enthusiasm as they made their way across the little stage area to receive their diplomas was just awe inspiring. Then there are the families of the other children, that just make the whole scene. There is no discrimination against race, religion, sex or anything of the sort, just families that have to work at parenting just a little harder to ensure that our children receive the same opportunities as other kids.

I don’t have the pics from the ceremony yet because, like the genius that I am I grabbed the camera, extra batteries, the whole nine yards but I forgot the memory card. I felt like an idiot. That’s ok my mom got a ton of photos and she is supposed to be emailing them to me.

Brinley is growing so fast and so much it is almost overwhelming. I wish that she was just the tiny infant that she was about 12 weeks ago. I have pictures of her that I need to upload as well.

I think that she is going to have to get tubes in her ears like her father and sister. I am working on the 2nd ear infection in the last three weeks. I feel terrible. I wish that there was something that I could do for her other than what is feel is doping her up on Tylenol hoping that it takes some of the pain away while the antibiotics do their job. Well speaking of Brinley she is summoning me. Have a good one.

Dang it’s hot here

I have been whining that it is too cold here in Salem, Oregon but as of right now it is 98 degrees. Damn…… I didn’t realize that I could sweat this much. I know that is gross but I feel like I am dying.

I decided that since it was such a nice day that I would go down to a local park and walk with the kids and my cousin and her kids. We thought that we would be slick and let them “burn” off some energy. But two of them got sick because of the heat and the Baby (Brinley) was just miserable. I think that it was a big mistake.

We have an A/C unit for the house but it is not large enough to do any “real” good. It is bringing the temp from almost 90 to just about 80. I wish that we could afford another one but this is what we have to do for now.

Do any of you have any suggestions to keep a new baby cool? I have tried to use a cool wash cloth to keep her cooled off but I am having trouble with things like that because she just got her first cold and ear infection. She is just miserable and I feel so bad for her.

I know that I have other kids and should know what to do for her and them but it is early enough in the year that I am not completely prepared, for all of the heat.

Just since I started this post about 10 min ago the temp has risen to 99 degrees. Well I think that we are going to go out on to the patio and try to play in the kids pool. It’s not much but what can you do……

Have a good day and keep out of the sun.