Toby, the big hit of Elementary School

Toby and Brinley have been walking to school every morning and then we walk to pick her up in the afternoon.

Toby is such a sweet and loving dog that all the kids want to pet him. He loves the attention. However when Brinley goes to her class he gets a little upset because she is leaving with out us. I don’t blame him I feel that way too. She turns and gives a quick wave and then she is gone in the sea of children. It is a bitter sweet moment every single day.

In the afternoon Toby sits and waits patiently for his kid to come out of school, thankfully she is one of the first out as she is a first grader. Once they see each other it is so sweet. He continues to sit there patiently until she has said her good byes to her friends and her teacher. Then we walk the half mile home.

This morning tho I was really impressed. Toby was sitting and awaiting while the kids took turns to pet him. Like always just sitting there and soaking up the attention from kids (they are his favorite). Today I was more impressed with the children. They all took turns as to not overwhelm Toby and three of the children remembered that he would be there and brought him dog treats. I couldn’t believe that this early into the year that Toby would be so important to the kids at the school. They each ask if he will be there in the afternoon. I can generally with out fail tell them that he will be there.

This morning Toby was recognized by the principal and given some petting. Then he looked at Toby and told him to keep up the good work. I am glad that our family dog can bring some joy to the other students at the elementary school. His walking to school is doing more than just exercise as we walk a total of a mile back and forth twice a day. So we are getting our 2 mile walk in (which exhausts him and me) But he is also making kids smile which is a great feeling.

Here is a pic taken this morning on the way to school.


Why, do people file false police reports?

I have a friend who’s a very different type of person. She is very sweet but sometimes has a hard time asserting herself and I feel as though people take advantage of her kind heart. Just this week someone did something to her and her family that I find to be ridiculous and pretty much unforgivable.

It started that her child went to play at her friends house down the street. She had a set time that she needed to check-in by and then to be home by. No big deal we all have those stipulations on our children, nothing new. I know that I at least had those rules when I was her age (11). So her daughter did not check in, so my friend tried to phone the house and no one answered. My friend then decided a short while later that she should go over there and bring her daughter home because of the rule breaking.

When she arrived at the house she found out the the other little girls mother sent the two 11 year old girls down to a store about 3/4 of a mile away by themselves in the dark. NOT OK!! So my friend decided to stay and chat with the mother while waiting for the girls to arrive. The girls arrived about 10 -15 min later, and my friend was instructing her daughter that she needed to come home now because she was not doing right.

Well being that she is a willful young girl she refused to go home. She is not abused and is rarely grounded for more than the day so realistically she was just giving her mother a hard time. I can’t imagine any tween or teenager that has not done the same. I know that my children have and they are much younger than this child. So the friends mother being intoxicated decided that she would tell off my friend about being such a bad mother etc. she apparently called her many, many derogatory names, and was very violent towards her child as well as my friends daughter calling her some very bad names. Things that you just wouldn’t say to another woman or adult let alone to a child.

My friend told her daughter that it was time to go home and that he father was home and if she wanted to she could go home and cuddle up with him on the couch to watch a movie or something. This little girl was crying and very upset that she had just been called the worst name you can call a woman. So they started to leave.

This other mother (the abusive one) said that she was going to call the police because an 11 year old should not be allowed to cuddle with her father. I personally think that this is ridiculous because even as a grown woman I still cuddle with my father, why is that wrong? I would hope that my children would be close enough to their father to tell them anything as well as sit together to watch a movie. Really what is the harm in that. But this mother believed that it is sexual abuse to sit with your dad on the couch, for some reason which is totally absurd.

So as my friend was walking home the other mom called the police and tried to have the father arrested. She also alleged that the child was being abused physically and mentally which is not the cast. When the police arrived they talked to my friend and daughter as well as the father, it was determined that no crime had been committed but still, how horrible would it be to have the police show up at your front door all because of something completely stupid and false.

This morning at school her daughter was still a bit shaken because she feared that her father was going to be jailed even though he was cleared, (she just didn’t understand) and the little friend that she went walking with was telling the school and all of their friends that her mother was a lesbian (untrue) and that her father was a child molester (also untrue). So when my friends child asked the other girl about it and why she would say something like that, the other little girl called her a (word that shall remain unsaid) and my friends daughter slapped her. Of course the other little girl got off scott free and my friends daughter was suspended from school for a week.

Some one please tell me where the justice is in that. I have to say that if someone called me that name I would probably have slapped her too. Now don’t get me wrong I am not condoning school violence but I think that there was a mistake there. Now I don’t believe that the suspension was necessaraly the wrong thing but I think that BOTH girls should have been in trouble.

I just want to know why people feel the need to be cop callers just because they are unhappy about something stupid. I consider this action to be along the same lines as the people who call 911 because a fast food joint got their food wrong. I just really wish that people could grow up and act their age some days. It is so pathetic that it had to come to this. It was such a minor thing in the first place that should have never been blown into a situation having the police called. I guess that people just don’t realize that the father could have been jailed and the child taken into protective custody. I am just thankful that they had kind and understanding police officers that responded to the call. Thank you Salem Police Department.

Video Games

My husband and his best friend are very much into the Xbox 360 first person shooter games. I love the fact that they can sit and play as well as talk to one another about anything. I find it very interesting that it is such a unique way for them to bond.

I have been asked by several people about why I don’t get angry when he plays his game. So I have decided to use this post to clear up any misunderstandings about this.

First of all it happens to be a great stress reliever for him. After a really long and especially difficult day working from home or when he just needs some time to him self, I have found that this is more of his “man-cave”, and it seems to do wonders for him. It seems to be a way for him to express himself via an online source that is not his computer which he stares at what seems like all of the time.

Secondly I do happen to enjoy watching him play. I don’t really know why but it helps to relieve some stress for me as well. I have just begun to play Call of Duty; Modern Warfare, and don’t get me wrong I SUCK. However it seems to helped me to get over some of my motion sickness. Which is excellent, I did not used to be able to watch let alone play. I am able to sit on my bed and watch and learn. We have conversations and it is a good way for us to be together while both doing things that we enjoy, separately.

Thirdly; how can I complain when he works from home and is willing to stay home most evenings. Don’t get me wrong he comes out and spends some very quality time with our children during the day and after work. I just look at some of my friends and family whose husbands are out all night at the bar, gambling or god knows where else. How fortunate am I that my husband works hard all day, provides very well for our family, as well as having something that can entertain him when he needs to blow off some steam or just wants to play. With out having to worry about where he is, what he is doing, etc.

I am not saying that I don’t want for him to go out and do things because I encourage those things, but I just discover new ways that I love him even more every day. He is so patient (especially when I am not), he is so kind (hardly ever raises his voice, and never out of anger), he works soooo hard (which is something is so hard to find in a mid twenties man these days), he provides for his family in this tough economic time and he doesn’t complain when I don’t feel well and didn’t get something done.

So really I want to know, why would I be so demanding and horrible to take away his major source for stress relief? I just hope that maybe there will be a better understanding about this subject, not that I should have to justify anything in our marriage to anyone.

I know that I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and that I would hope that if I had a hobby, or an activity that I did once my children were asleep for the night that someone would not take that away from me. It is one of those don’t take my iPod with my Millionaire game and my Tap Tap Revenge 3 away. I don’t think that would be pretty.

I just wish that more people could discuss things without the feeling of judgment. I don’t think that it is fair to anyone involved, even the by standers near by. So when talking to your friends and family about life if something doesn’t make sense to you it does not mean that it is not the perfect solution for another person or family.

So many things to talk about; so many changes

I have been so out of touch lately that I have not even looked at my blog in just over a year it seems like.  There have just been so many things to do and things that I have done.  It has been crazy. I guess that I never thought that life would get so crazy that I wouldn’t work on my blog. I love writing here so much, and I feel really guilty that I have been gone from here for so long.

Well lets give a family update;

Shaun, My dearest husband. He got a new job. (Well in January of 2009) It is so neat, and I couldn’t be more proud of him and the work that he is doing. The company is a very small one in Northern Washington, and he has the ability to work from home which has been a blessing. I believe that there are only 7 people in the entire company. I remember when he started that I was really apprehensive about the change from a salaried person to an hourly wage. But it has all worked out wonderfully. He is finally being appreciated in a way that makes him enjoy his work. which is something that he was missing at his previous employer. This company is a very interesting one, and they do some very unique things which is a positive. The couple that are the owners of this business are deeply religious and very sweet. I do not believe that the wife (Maryann) has a mean bone in her body and is just a wonderful person, cook and mother. I have visited there with Shaun once for a Christmas party, and it was amazing, Just the simplicity of their lives and how at peace they are amongst the chaos that is most urban lives is just amazing. I wish that I could live like that. (sometimes)

However, with this new job have come new challenges as a married couple. Shaun is working from home now in our bedroom/office, so we are together all of the time. Even though we are together so much in the same house, we don’t really see him during the day. Unless he is hungry or is running low on nerd fuel. (Mountain Dew Code Red) I have to say that I really enjoy the time that he gets to spend with me and our children. It is so neat to think that even though he works himself to brain mush some days that he gets to see our children grow and learn things just about as much as I do.  I believe that we are so very fortunate in that regard and they don’t even know it. I guess all children are that way in some aspects. I am glad that they have a dad that is so involved in their lives. If they have a problem, want some Dairy Queen in the middle of the day right around break time or just need a hug from their dad he is always available. I love it, and so do they.

Our oldest child, Alex was asking me why all daddies couldn’t stay home and work. It was a tough sell to explain that there are different jobs around the world and mommies and daddies have to do them. It is just one of those things that he doesn’t realize about. I can’t complain about the comprehension of the workforce at 5 years old though. Lol

On Friday February 5th I have Alex’s preschool conference to discuss his transition into Kindergarten. I have to say that I am kinda nervous about this transition. Since Alex is autistic there are lots of challenges that must be over come on a daily basis and I am afraid that this transition will be quite difficult for him as well as us. For anyone who lives with autism everyday change is not too fun. I am so glad that he has completed a year and a half of preschool. I think that it has created some very wonderful progress for him especially in the area of speech. I can’t believe that just over 2 years ago he had about 20 words and how he has a wonderful vocabulary. Learning new words and pronunciations each day. White is my favorite word that he says now. He was saying wipe instead of white so now when he says it he says WhiTTe, with a ton of emphasis on the T. It’s great.

Our middle child Caitlin just turned 3 a few months ago and is doing very well. She is dang near fully potty trained. (Yay 2 down 1 to go.) It is such a nice feeling not to have to purchase two sizes or types of diapers. We are still keeping her in a pull up for night time and some times during naps. But I can’t really complain. It surely makes a package of pull ups last much longer. I can’t believe some times that she is only three. She is such a well behaved child. For the most part she is very soft spoken and loves everyone as well as everything. I think about what she will become as an adult some times, she is so intelligent like her father that I hope she becomes rocket scientist or cures cancer or something of that nature. But who knows and we will be proud of her no matter what she does or accomplishes. I just hope that it will be something great.

The baby in the family Brinley, boy oh boy is she a handful. I have to say that she keeps all of us on our toes. She like her sister is very smart and she knows it. I know that she is only 22 months old but she is getting herself undressed now (even when I don’t want her to) and she can count to 10. I was in shock the first time that she did it. I do have to say that she is truly my child, very outspoken, loud gosh is she loud and stubborn. But she is also very much her father’s child. She loves him so much that there are days that I am totally jealous because it seems like I am just chopped liver with onions. But I would feel horrible if she didn’t have an incredible relationship with her father. I do know however that she can operate my iPod better and more efficiently, she can operate a computer, send text messages via cell phone, and if it wasn’t for her I would have never discovered how to turn the subtitles on my television. She just hacked the cable box and got me to where I needed to be. I couldn’t believe it. I almost wonder if she will follow in her father’s footsteps and be a developer or something related to computers. She just loves them so much.

We are now living in a beautiful home in Keizer and are out of the flats of West Salem. (thank god) So Shaun has an office/bedroom where he can get some peace while working during the day. Our back yard has a fountain and pond, and we live right with a park right behind us. It is so wonderful and peaceful here. We live on a small dead end street with wonderful neighbors. There are no wild parties, no one is obnoxious or anything. Couldn’t ask for more, especially since we have a large beautiful kitchen with massive amounts of cupboard space and counter tops. The icing on the cake for me was that we have a large bathroom with walk in closet, linen closet as well as a very large SPA TUB!!! How wonderful is that? A spa tub. This house is so perfect for us that I can’t believe that we fell into it so perfectly. The only thing is that we are renting but the owner of the home is a very neat man and has taken care of anything that has come up during our tenancy no matter how small. I love it.

Living in Keizer has been very neat especially that there is Keizer Station so close. So nice in fact that my good friend just moved in across the street. She is expecting her third child in early April so we are enjoying that we are so close and can help one another out with out having to depend on our parents and grandparents. I think that it has helped us both as mothers since we can be so honest with one another about things that are going on in our lives with out fear of judgment from anyone else. It’s nice, and I really enjoy having someone that I can depend on and relate to so close. I am starting to work on her baby shower since she is having her first boy, and her husband says that their son cannot allow her baby boy to wear pink. I suppose that is a valid argument.

Well it is after 11 pm and I should be headed to bed here shortly, so I am going to go and utilize my spa tub so have a good night, and thanks for being patient with me after such a long dead period.

Just a bunch of things I am thinking about…

Here is a list of all the things I have been thinking about!!

  1. Well I am wondering when I am going to finally have this baby. I am so sick and tired of being in pain and not being able to do anything about it.  I think that my husband is getting tired of it as well. I swear it took me all day yesterday to get some dishes done. I didn’t have alot to do but it took all day. I could stand for 10 min or so then I had to go and sit down for a while.  Oh well 13 days until my induction date!!! I according to my doctor have been in labor for over a week, but my body keeps stressing and stalling out. But since I am ok and so is she they won’t do anything to help me. Yeah it sucks.
  2. My kids, What am I going to do with three? Why are we having a third? I don’t mean that I love any of them more than the others I am just stressing out about what I am going to do. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and the kids share a room. I know that we are going to have to move soon, I just don’t know where. I don’t think that we can afford a more expensive place, which sucks because for what we pay we aren’t going to be able to get a larger place. Oh well…. Not much I can do about it at the moment.
  3. Work, I start back to work on April 14th and my mom was supposed to be watching my kids. She said that she would and that we were just going to pay her. That was so easy.. Too easy. I got a call the other day from my mom saying that she was not going to watch them.  My step-dad doesn’t want the kids there when he gets home from work. He gets home at 4 ish and Shaun (my hubby) gets off work at 5pm so he would be there at about 5:15. That is just too much for my step-dad etc and he threw a fit. I am not too happy about that situation. I can find a place for my older children but Brinley is going to be just a couple of weeks old when I go back to work, and I don’t know of any daycare that takes children under 6 weeks old. Not thrilled with her at all….
  4. Baby Shower, My mom waited until the last minute to send out the invites to my baby shower so none of my friends attended. Well one did, Mechele and her kids, and that was really nice to see her. But even most of my family that she invited had made other plans my then. I was very put out by that. When I am saying last minute I don’t mean a couple of weeks before I mean she MAILED the invites out on the 3rd and my shower was just this last Saturday the 8th. Most told me that they didn’t even get them till the 5th and 6th. By then it was too late. Then there are other people that were invited that just plain ignored it. I was not thrilled. Then they even had the nerve to call and ask me for a ride somewhere before my shower. I was not so happy about that but I did it any ways.
  5. Friends, Have you ever had friends that just walk all over you all of the time? I swear most of my friends are that way. They do not call or seem to want to have anything to do with me unless they need something. It is frustrating and it hurts really bad. I am thinking of becoming a flake just so that I can fit in. I had not heard from several friends in weeks then they call because they need money etc. So tired of it.

Well I think that is just about enough belly aching for the moment.  It is just frustrating the way life plays out sometimes. Oh well have a good one, and I will yak at ya later.