WordPress Themes

I was going through the WP themes for my blog and I found that there are no holiday themes. I was looking for like a thanksgiving theme or christmas theme etc., and couldn’t find anything. I was so bummed.

I don’t know how many other people would like to change themes for holidays and things like that but I really want to. Have any of you seen anyone do this or seen any themes that I might be interested in?

Have a good one!!!!

Happy Valentines Day

Well all, Happy Valentines Day. Yeah that is about all I’ve got. This is not one of those holidays that I get all excited and fanatical about like some people. Partially because I just don’t get it. My husband and I celebrate our love for each other every day not just on one day a year. I think that this holiday is more for couples that are dating etc and still have something to prove to one another. But after 3 kids and hectic lives I think that we are doing good just not to hate each other, and still be as in or more in love than we were when we married. Shaun says I am a cynic. I don’t know maybe I am on some level.

I do however know that there are going to be so many couples that celebrate it and some individuals that wish that they were. So to all of you I wish you a wonderful day and even a Happy Valentines Day.