Baby Teeth and the infamous cold that sticks around forever…

I have noticed that my youngest daughter is getting 7 teeth in all at once. Why do they have to hurt so bad? I just feel awful for her, four of them are her 2 year molars as well as her 3 of her incisors. One of the incisors has already come through but the other 7 are playing a painful game of peek a boo with her.

I don’t think that I would feel so badly for her except that it is virtually impossible to get medicine down this child. She vomits when you even come near her with the medicine, even baby Tylenol and Orajel. The last couple of nights have been almost pure hell because she is in pain and can’t sleep. Last night my poor husband and I were up until almost 4 am with her, taking turns holding and cuddling her. If you know my daughter you would know that she is probably one of the most anti-cuddling children that I have ever met. She is so independent and wants so badly to be grown. (Or at least bigger than she is) So yesterday we knew that it was getting pretty bad and she had to be absolutely miserable when she was sitting on my husbands lap and she fell asleep. We tried to put her in bed but she wasn’t having that so I took my turn to hold her and she fell asleep on me for a very short while. I think that I can recall the last time that happened and it was when she was in the hospital for several days, almost a year ago.

Poor baby.

Then to top it off our oldest child is very sick as well. The only upside to having Alex sick is that he can tell me what is wrong, where it hurts and if what I am doing is making a difference where as the baby cannot. So he I believe is coming down with a sinus infection because when I pressed on his sinuses he complained of pain. In addition to that he has congestion in his chest, a cough as well as a mild fever. So he is miserable as well but at least he will take his medicine with out too much of a complaint as long as he has something to wash it down. (preferably Apple Juice 🙂

I get so frustrated when my children are sick because I feel so helpless to fix what ails them. I am sure that most parents feel this way wishing that we had a magic wand that would make it all go away. Even if I had to deal with what they are going  through instead of them. Just something.  I am afraid that I am going to get what Alex has because when he is sick all he wants to do is sit with me and cuddle or hang all over me. I am not complaining about it I just wish that I wasn’t going to get it. It just seems like the kids get sick then me and lastly my husband, but then the kids get it again and the cycle just keeps on going. I feel like I am going to go crazy sometimes when we just pass an illness around and around and around, over and over again.

It is just hard sometimes because if the kids are sick even with a runny nose you are not supposed to send them to school which is fine for us because I am a stay at home parent. But then since some of the laws have changed in Oregon if your child misses more than one or two days of school ( I believe it could be more days than that) and you don’t bring in a Dr.’s note then they can call Child Services on you. I understand the purpose of the law but who takes their child to a Dr. every single time that they catch cold? I just feel that if your kid is sick then you have the right and responsibility to keep them home and seek medical attention if it gets worse, but for a stuffy nose and a light cough seems a bit over board. So what do you do? It feels like it is a catch 22, damned if you do but damned if you don’t.

Well the baby is quiet for the moment and Alex is I believe watching a movie in his room so this seems like the perfect opportunity for a little mommy time, so I am going to be headed for the shower and bed. I hope that you have a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow.

I hate the hospital!!!

I just got home from the hospital because I started having really bad contractions and was unable to take my contraction medication because my heart rate was over 100.

So I called my Dr. to ask what I should do because I was having contractions and my heart rate was about 130 bpm. After waiting on hold for like 10 minutes the nurse came back on the line and said that she “Would have to call me back.” So since I was picking my friend Lori up from the Main Hospital I figured that I would sit in the parking lot and wait on the off chance that they might want to see me. So about 15 minutes later she called me back and told me that they wanted to see me. “What a shocker” So while on the phone with the nurse they said that they couldn’t give me the other medication with our seeing me. Well that made sense so I went and parked in the parkade and made the like 1/4 mile walk to the Birthing Center. (That is where my Dr. Office is since I am a high risk pregnancy) It was raining and very nasty so I was in a grouchy mood because now not only was I having contractions, my heart was pounding, and now to top it off I was wet and cold…. Great.

I get in there with Lori and Ona and get all registered and checked in. A process that always takes about 15 or 20 min. So now I am really hurting and getting irritated but still hopeful that they will give me the meds that I need so that I can just go home. I got in to the room and they hooked me up on the monitors to make sure that her and I are both ok. Well my heart rate was 130 which is extremely high. Hers was normal right around 150 – 160 bpm. so that is good. During the first hour that I was there I had 12 contractions. The nurse came in and told me that they were sending me home with no meds, no check of my cervix, no nothing. I thought that I was going to loose it. Never once had I seen the Dr. (who ever was on call not my regular dr) and I was still having contractions with my heart rate well above 100. I looked at the nurse and told her that I was not leaving with out at least getting checked. So she checked my cervix and said that I am dilating. Still no Doctor to be seen. I asked the nurse what I can take to stop the contractions with my heart rate. I got no answer she had to go and confer with the Doctor. OK so another hour later and tons of contractions she came back still with out the doctor and said that I just need to go home and rest. So I am dilating etc but nothing is wrong? I am only 31 weeks and 4 days along mind you so that can’t be right. Oh and to top it all off the nurse told me that the Dr. told her that the meds that I do take don’t work and they are pointless. So I was extremely irritated now because they do help. They stop the contraction and help me to feel better. Needless to say they discharged me with absolutely no new information and no meds. (the reason that I went in, in the first place)

So now I am sitting at home watching my daughter make a horrible mess with her dinner and refuse to eat. I still hurt and have no answers for what I need to do. GRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to stop hurting. I feel bad because I just feel like I can’t win, and I am inadvertently taking it out on my poor husband. Poor thing. (I mean it)

Wow I guess I can stop ranting now because I got it all out there now. It was just so frustrating. I would have been better off to stay home….