Toby, the big hit of Elementary School

Toby and Brinley have been walking to school every morning and then we walk to pick her up in the afternoon.

Toby is such a sweet and loving dog that all the kids want to pet him. He loves the attention. However when Brinley goes to her class he gets a little upset because she is leaving with out us. I don’t blame him I feel that way too. She turns and gives a quick wave and then she is gone in the sea of children. It is a bitter sweet moment every single day.

In the afternoon Toby sits and waits patiently for his kid to come out of school, thankfully she is one of the first out as she is a first grader. Once they see each other it is so sweet. He continues to sit there patiently until she has said her good byes to her friends and her teacher. Then we walk the half mile home.

This morning tho I was really impressed. Toby was sitting and awaiting while the kids took turns to pet him. Like always just sitting there and soaking up the attention from kids (they are his favorite). Today I was more impressed with the children. They all took turns as to not overwhelm Toby and three of the children remembered that he would be there and brought him dog treats. I couldn’t believe that this early into the year that Toby would be so important to the kids at the school. They each ask if he will be there in the afternoon. I can generally with out fail tell them that he will be there.

This morning Toby was recognized by the principal and given some petting. Then he looked at Toby and told him to keep up the good work. I am glad that our family dog can bring some joy to the other students at the elementary school. His walking to school is doing more than just exercise as we walk a total of a mile back and forth twice a day. So we are getting our 2 mile walk in (which exhausts him and me) But he is also making kids smile which is a great feeling.

Here is a pic taken this morning on the way to school.


Life is soooo crazy lately.

Wow I have just been soooo super busy. I feel like I just have not been able to do anything ever. I have my kids as you know but I have been watching one of my girl friends two children and boy are they a handfull.

Brian who is 2 1/2 years old is a good kid and he gets kinda lost in the hurd most days so I feel bad, and Bobby who is 11 months old is just horrid. I don’t know how to deal with this kid. He drives me insane, I know that kids cry but dang it. I don’t think that mine do or have ever cried that much. I have tried to chalk it up to seporation anxiety etc but it is not getting any better at all. I feel like I am at a loss. So between being a relatively new mommy again, having a special needs child, and her two I am loosing it.

How do you tell a very good friend that you just can’t watch her kids anymore when you konw that she HAS to work and doesn’t have anyone else? I feel like an ass for having to tell her. I really don’t want to, but I don’t think that I am going to have another choice before long. Depressing.

On a happier note, I have been working with some horses. I am having a ball and it is keeping my even that much more busy. Soephi the horse that I am training exclusively is so pretty. She is half polish and half saddle bred, and a really nice bay ( in color). She is 2 1/2 years old, and was abused. (Very abused, beaten and starved) It is kind of sad but she is coming out of it really well I think. I have had her under saddle one time but I just don’t trust her at this point, and the last thing that I need is to hit the ground.

My husband and I at one point were planning a huge move to Texas that just didn’t go the way that we thought it should. I had no idea how hard it is to find adiquate housing in Austin. I / we were bummed that it just couldn’t work. I kind of wish that we were able to go but on the other hand I think that I would have really missed my family. I have never lived any other place than Oregon, and it is just so pretty here. If you have not been here you should come and visit sometime.

Well I am going to get back to watching Susan Lucci on Dancing with the stars. Have a good night!!!