I’m back

I am having the most trouble uploading pictures to my site. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but this crap sucks. I have so many wonderful pictures of the baby and things like that, and I just can’t seem to figure it out.

I have hit the add media thing for pictures but is is throwing some error that I just don’t understand. Oh well I guess that is why I married someone in IT. So until I can get him to fix what ever my problem is with this silly thing I will have to go on with no pics. 🙁 I am very sad about this revalation because I took one of the cutest pics of Brinley this morning.

Almost a year

Next month my husband Shaun and I will have been officially married for one year. March 18th, 2007 was our wedding day. So I was looking through some pics on the computer and realized 2 things.

First that I don’t have a single picture of myself on my own website and two that I have never mentioned my wedding or anything like that. So I thought that I would put a few pictures up. I also found a good one of my grandpa that I just lost at my wedding so I am going to put that one up as well.


I thought that this was a really neat pic considering that who ever took it got us in the mirror as well.


Me and my dad. Believe it or not he is in a good mood at this point.


I like my daddy can you tell?


Me and Shaun just after the “I do’s” I am finally a Kester and so excited about it.


Just one of me in my red and white dress. I really loved it well I still do. Too bad I probably will never be a size 5 again.


I just liked this picture, and I don’t say that very often about pics of myself.


I need to blow this picture up and crop it down to size because my great grandfather is in this one and you can barely see him.


Our rings. His is a titanium band and mine (my first set on my second set already) was a white gold with a 1/2 carat floating diamond in the middle. I no longer have this set because I was having to have it re rhodiumed all of the time almost every two or three weeks. So I was spending more time with out my wedding set than I did with it. It sucked but the jewler exchanged that set for the set that I have now. I liked the first set so much better but this one I don’t worry about as much. Except that I am afraid I am going to loose my wedding set because I can’t wear it on account of being pregnant and my hands swelling or something. I have heard that lots of women have had to get their bands cut off because their hands swelled up and there was no other way to get the rings off. How terrible!!! I don’t want mine cut in half so I am opting out of wearing them. ( Just for now though. As soon as I can wear them safely again I will be all over that!!! )

I know that this was kind of a random post, I just was thinking about my hubby and our wedding and just a host of other things and this was fun for me. What I need to do is get Shaun to move the photo galleries over to my site from his, so that I don’t have to upload them one at a time. But for now this will suffice until I nag him into submission. ( What else are wives good for? 🙂 )