Well Brinley is having her ear surgery in the morning. I am alittle worried but I think that everything should go just fine. My husband is taking the day off to help me with her. Poor little girl I feel so bad for her.

It was kinda funny, this evening her anesthesiologist called me to talk to me about his part in the surgery, then the surgeon called, then the nurse called and then the receptionist called to tell me that they might be calling. I laughed and said that I had already spoken with them. I think that the receptionist was alittle behind or just didn’t get the memo.

Oh well I will let you know tomorrow sometime how it goes.

Baby Teeth and Tubes in the Ears

Oh my gosh I am so excited my baby Brinley had just broke through her first tooth. It is so cute, you can barely see it but you know its there when she chomps down on a finger. (I thought that I was going to loose one 🙂 The only thing that sucks about her getting teeth is that she is super irritable. I swear she is not sleeping like ever and I feel bad giving her tylanol all of the time, along with teething tablits and baby orajel. I feel like I am just drugging her and it doesn’t seem all that fair but when she is so miserable that she is screaming all of the time what other option do I really have? There doesn’t seem to be a good answer. At the moment I am just trying to follow what the doctor has told me to do.

Then on the other hand I have been giving her the tylanol because Brinley has a bunch of fluid on her ear drums and it is causing her pain. Basically it is like a never ending ear infection, that I can do NOTHING about at the moment. I just took her to an ENT (ear nose and throat Dr.) and they have decided that they are going to place tubes in her ears. For this small surgery they have to put her under, and I don’t think that I am totally comfortable with the thought of having my 7 month old under with a general anesthesia. They are going to use a little mask thing and it should only take between 5 and 15 breaths for her to be asleep and the whole thing takes about 10 – 15 min and recovery takes 10 – 15 min so it should be alright.

I just hope that everything goes well for her. I will keep you updated as I know more because I am just so nervous about it.